Nature’s Scents – Types and Usages

Our Aroma Solutions = Nature’s Scents

“Health and wellbeing through fragrance”

Harnessing the powers of aroma for health and well-being, we specialize in producing aromatic solutions in different formulations for various intended applications so as to aid the user to achieve the maximum benefits. These aroma solutions are manufactured in Singapore with premium-grade and finest ingredients imported from countries around the globe, particularly from sustainable and reliable sources in compliance with IFRA standards.

Stress is an ever- increasing part of our lives, and this can only mean Aromatherapy is more relevant today than ever before. Aromatherapy can have a beneficial effect on irritation, stress, depression, apathy and can further enhance the positive factors like happiness, sensuality, relaxation and stimulation.

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Picture of woman enjoying lavender scent

Most of us pretty much aware that scents can change the way we feel. Increasingly, there is a growing appreciation of the truly remarkable ability of fragrances to respond to our specific mental, physical and spiritual needs.

Our sense of smell is registered in one of the oldest parts of the brain, known as the limbic area. This area is connected with memory, emotion and instinctive activities, such as sexual response, sleep, hunger and thirst. When we breathe in a scent, the aromatic molecules are quickly inhaled via the millions of sensitive cells that line the nasal passages, triggering messages that pass directly to the brain. This causes chemical changes in the body, which affect the state of mind, health and spiritual aspects of the person. Scents can be used to positively influence our wellbeing via topical application to the body (massage oils) or through inhalation (essential oil, aromatherapy oil, aroma essence, aroma concentrate, reed diffuser oil) by scenting the air around us.

As such, we have specially formulated a series of aroma therapeutic products for various applications. We have the widest range of scents for individual preference which allows you to choose the fragrance that you like. Use the invigorating, stimulating or refreshing scents (Fruity and leafy) when you are feeling tired or low spirited. Try out the calming fragrances (Flowers) to ease away your worries; and select the rich and luxurious aromas (special blends) when you want some pampering.

Aroma Essence

Aroma Essence for Water Air Purifier | Revitalizer | Air Revitalisor | Ionizer

Used in Water Air Purifiers

Available in Sizes
30ml120ml250ml1 Litre2 Litres5 Litres10 Litres25 Litres

Our Aroma Essence are specially formulated water-based solution that produces foam which effectively traps dust and air pollutants.

The Water Air Purifier/Revitalizer is a kind of air purification method that has been extremely popular due to its cost-effectiveness coupled with safety and suitability for all ages to experience the power of aromatherapy. It is energy efficient and can be left running the whole day or night while it purifies, moisturizes and aromatizes the environment.

We have a fascinating range of Aroma Essence that are pleasant, soothing and uplifting the mind.

Compatible Aromatherapeutic Hardware Models
606A, 606B, 606C, 606D, 606E, 626, 656, 676, 699B, 969, 282, 560B, 563, 518, 519, 529, 539, 559, 568, 569, 688, 689

Aroma Concentrate

Our Aroma Concentrate are created to be foam-less and water-based to provide a delightful and natural way for humidifiers to aromatize the room while providing adequate moisture into the atmosphere especially in a very dry environment.

It is advisable to use our Aroma Concentrate for such kind of misting devices instead of pure oil that is unsuitable and can cause damage to the device/ appliance.

Compatible Aromatherapeutic Hardware Models
J05, J38, J48, J82, J83, J88, J98

Aroma Concentrate for Humidifier | Ultrasonic Misting Device

Used in Humidifiers

Available in Sizes
30ml250ml1 Litre2 Litres5 Litres10 Litres25 Litres

Reed Diffuser Refill

Reed Diffuser Refill for Reed Sticks Diffuser and Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

Used in Reed Sticks and Ceramic Aroma Diffusers

Available in Sizes
120ml250ml1 Litre2 Litres5 Litres10 Litres25 Litres

Reed Sticks Diffusers have been gaining popularity in recent years. Consumers have increasingly opted for reed diffusers as a way to fragrance the room/ workspace/ lavatory/ storage area as it is eco-friendly and does not consume energy. Unlike candles, they can be left unattended since it is flame-less, smokeless and maintenance-free.

Our Reed diffuser refill is produced for consumers looking for a natural and constant diffusion of fragrance through the usage of Reed sticks/ Ceramic aroma diffusers as an air freshener.

The reed sticks which are porous and excellent for diffusion, are partially immersed in a glass/ porcelain container filled with reed diffuser refill, where the refill travels up the reed sticks and gently permeates the room/ workspace.

The ceramic aroma diffuser works by absorbing the refill through the ceramic charms and scents are released naturally. This enhances the area with splendid fragrance that last for weeks. (Depending on your surroundings)

We carry a wide range of fragrances for your selection and preference.

Compatible Aromatherapeutic Hardware Models
A1, A3, A4, A5, A7, A8, A9, A10, Ceramic Aroma(Birdie Design)

Aromatherapy Oil

Our Aromatherapy Oil is a pure oil based that is manufactured for various applications.


  • Such usage applications ranges from:

  • Candle Burner

  • Electric Diffuser

  • Electric Vapourizer

  • Aromatic Lamp Diffuser

  • Glass Aroma Diffuser

  • Aroma Diffuser(AC-66)

  • USB Aroma Diffuser

  • Car Scenter

  • Tulip Aroma Diffuser

  • It is used also in the production of:

  • Handmade Soap and Shampoo
  • Scented Candle
  • Aromatic Linen Spray / Hand Sanitizer
  • Dilution in Carrier Oils for Massage
  • and many more…

As the fragrance diffuses into your surroundings, it enriches positivity as well as enhancing your mood throughout your day!

Aromatherapy Oil for Candle Burner, Electric Vapourizer, Diffuser, Lamp Diffuser, Car Scenter, Aroma Diffuser, Glass Aroma Diffuser, Handmade Soap and Shampoo, Scented Candle, Aromatic Linen Spray, Hand Sanitizer, Dilution in Carrier Oils for Massage

Used in various applications

Available in Sizes
10ml15ml100ml1 Litre2 Litres5 Litres10 Litres25 Litres

Aroma Concentrate (Extra Strong)

Aroma Concentrate (Extra Strong) for Aroma Nebulizer, Ambient Scenting, Air Aroma Diffusing, Air Fragrancing Device, Air Scenting Equipment

Used in Aroma Nebulizer

Available in Sizes
30ml250ml1 Litre2 Litres5 Litres10 Litres25 Litres

Health and well-being through fragrance.

Our Aroma Concentrate (Extra strong) which are created for use in Aroma Nebulizer can positively affect and influence our well-being by moisturizing and scenting the air around us.

The Aroma Nebulizers are the new modern way of diffusing aroma throughout offices, shops, lobbies, clinics, restaurants, fitness centres, commercial buildings and even homes.

Discover an exciting trend of air scenting, ambience enhancement and brand marketing!
Studies have shown that humans greatly prefer spaces that smell good. The atmosphere in just about any interior space, of any size, can be enhanced with a subtle, expertly created scent and fresher air to breathe.

Every aspect of a physical facility should be designed to ensure people have a memorable and positive experience while inside. Sense of smell is the only sense which directly linked to the Limbic System, the part of the human brain where emotions are created and memories are stored. And therefore, aroma creates and reinforces an emotional connection that visitors will recall and be influenced.

The use of aroma extends to the brand image is a powerful tool for sophisticated marketers, deepening and extending the brand position. Our clients have found that aroma becomes the most powerful and memorable part of the customer experience with their brands. Aroma and refreshing air can help people to positively recall a brand or a place, and it can be used to communicate brand values.

Compatible Aromatherapeutic Hardware Models
NB-328, AC-87(Black), AC-87A(White), AC-87B(White), AC-87T, AC-88, D5000, HVAC5000

Massage Oil Blends

Massage Oil for Skin Application

Used in Skin Application

Available in Sizes
15ml30ml120ml250ml1 Litre2 Litres5 Litres10 Litres25 Litres

Our Massage Oil blends are preformulated with carrier oil and ready to use on skin as essential oils should not be applied onto the skin undiluted since they are potent and highly concentrated.

The skin, being semi-permeable can absorb the massage oils with properties of essential oil to achieve the therapeutic effects physically, emotionally and psychologically.
As such, an aromatherapy massage provides a sensual approach to heal our body and mind while soothing away the stress and strains of our lives. Aromatherapy massage helps a person to relax and regain physical and emotional balances. When you are happy, your body’s immune defenses are strengthened. On the other hand, if you are unhappy or sad, you are more susceptible to illnesses. This is the power of emotion.

Wooden Diffuser Refill

Our Wooden Diffuser Refill is blended for our Wooden Aroma Diffusers. This refill contains aroma that provides delightful scents to the air and neutralize unpleasant odours and works with our Wooden Aroma Diffuser for small indoor spaces.

The wooden cover functions as a wick which allows the aroma to diffuse into the air subtly.

Wooden Diffuser Refill for Wooden Aroma Diffuser

Used in Wooden Aroma Diffuser

Available in Size

Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray Refill

Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray Refill for Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray

Used in Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray

Available in Sizes
120ml250ml1 Litre2 Litres5 Litres10 Litres25 Litres

Our Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray products allow you to mist fragrances and scents into the air.
Each mist can have an effect depending on the type of fragrance used, whether it be to reduce stress, improve sleep or concentration, or boost your mood by infusing your environment with uplifting smells with the power of aromatherapy!
You can use them in countless ways such as misting home, office, bathroom, linen sofa, pillow, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, curtain, hotel room, car seat / dashboard / steering wheel, storeroom, removing odors and many more!.

Our Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray Refill is designed to be used with our Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray products. It contains fine fragrances and is botanically extracted. With more than 100 different fragrances that can be used, there is something for everyone.

Compatible Aromatherapeutic Hardware Models
Standard Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray(AMS01), Mini Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray AMS02