Multipurpose Aromatherapy Spray

· Air Freshener · Glass Cleaner · Table Cleaner · Fabric Deodorizer

Live in a happy and clean environment

Our multipurpose aromatherapy spray is an excellent cleaner and air refresher spray for everyday use. It removes unpleasant odours and is ideal for the following usages : cleaning glass, dining table

Kitchen Tops, Mirrors, Shower Screen

It is also an air freshener spray which freshens the air with pleasant smell

Our Fragrances


Relieves emotional stress, depression and calms one’s mind.


Have strong sweet and refreshing aroma which is uplifting and harmonizing, able to repel insect pests.


Repels mosquitoes and insects.


It helps uplift the spirits, balance out emotions, refresh the mind.ct pests.


Mood enhancing properties, soothe the nerves & calm the nervous system.


Creates a relaxing and happy aroma which promotes alertness and strengthens the spirit. Reminds you of an iconic shopping centre along orchard, Singapore.


As a general cleaner

  • Spray onto the intended surface (dinning table, countertops, mirror etc.), wipe clean and let dry


For refreshing the air

  • Spray a fine mist towards the ceiling and avoid contact with the eye.

To deodorize soft furnishings

  • Spray sparingly onto curtains, carpet or couches and air dry.

Product is environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable and bio-degradable.