Lagoon water arises in the heart of the atolls of French Polynesia, a privileged environment where the coral reefs edge turquoise blue lagoons.

This resource, naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, is continually regenerated by the natural endo–upwelling phenomenon which takes place mainly along the coastlines facing the great oceans. Endo–upwelling occurs when the deep and rich waters of the ocean rise to the surface by thermal convection. It begins in the basalt substrata at a depth of 3,000 to 5,000 metres; the geothermal flow thus created is transformed in the coral reefs into an outflow of interstitial water very rich in nutrients.

The pure marine waters rising from the depths of the ocean are overflowing with mineral salts and marine ions; they continue to be enriched as they pass through the porous limestone and reef substrates. Owing to this considerable addition of nutrient elements, pelagic life can develop and lagoon water becomes uniquely pure. The beneficial effects of seawater have been proved in a great many studies and humans have been using it since ancient times. This tradition still continues today in thalassotherapy and the Spa movement, which are gathering more and more followers…


Manufacturing Process

Lagoon water is pumped in the heart of the lagoon, near the coral reef, at a minimum depth of 10 meters, in order to preserve its quality, its richness and its purity.

Then the water is immediately treated by tangential filtration sterilization at high temperature, and enriched with a preservative to guarantee its freshness.

Botanical Informations


Maris Aqua

Geographical Area

French Polynesia (South Pacific)

Physical characteristics

Appearance, 25°C

Limpid liquid


Light and characteristic



Specific gravity, 20°C

1.000 – 1.050 Kg/l

Solubility in water


Solubility in oil


Solubility in ethanol


The lagoon waters from Tuamotu

Chemical characteristics

Dry Extract

3.5 – 4.5 %


6.5 – 9

Degree of Salinity

35 – 37 psu

Heavey Metals

 < 20 ppm

Bacteriological characteristics

Aerobic bacteria

<1000 cfu/g

Yeasts – Moulds

 <10 cfu/g

Main composition

Total trace elements

2.5 – 3.5 %

Sulphur: 1015mg/l

Magnesium: >1000ppm

Potassium: >220ppm

Sodium: >7500ppm

Calcium: 215mg/l

Usage informations

Care products

1 to 10 %

Lotions & Tonic Products

1 to 10 %

Cosmetic Uses

1. Face/Body remineralizing care products

2. Tonifying shower gel

3. Hair products

4. Tonic lotions & make-up removers

5. Sun waters & refreshing sprays

6. Tonic waters.


1. Remineralizing

2. Refresh

3. Stimulating

4. Purifying

5. Soothing

6. Calming

7. Decongesting


25 kg: jerrycan PE-HD


Store in a cool dry place in unopened containers away from sunlight.