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Immerse yourself in a luxurious environment with our Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray as part of our range of aromatherapy products that refreshes your environment.

Mist wherever you want it most and reap its benefits of Aromatherapy.

Use our spray to enhance the air around you and enlighten it as environment factors has the power to affect one’s state of mind.

Thinking back of a particular place you’ve been before? You can now mimic your nostalgic environment as you wish with our wide range of fragrances collection.

Since our essential oils are made from botanical extracts, it is safe to spray and enhance your environment while relieving your tension, mental fatigue and exhaustion.

Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray Bottle

Model AMS1

Bottle Material:

Elegant Glass



3.38fl.oz. U.S


Essential Oils, Fine Fragrances and Perfumer’s Alcohol


Made in Singapore

Singapore Quality Brands Logo

Singapore Quality Brand

Restore your positive energy while cleansing airborne germs with its antibacterial properties.

Mist wherever you want it most, indulge yourself now!

Selection of Fragrances

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Where to Use


Remove dullness and mundanity by refreshing your home with our tranquil and relaxing scents.


Lift the mood of the office and de-stress your working environment by making it more lively with
some uplifting scents!

Linen Sofa

Enjoy your leisure activities while the fragrance linger around you to make your day more excitable!


At the end of a long day, have a bacteria free pillow and soothe yourself with calming aroma while enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy as you have a good night rest.


Feel more revitalized and be ready to face the day from the moment you open your wardrobe with our fragrance!


Take advantage of the wind as it blows through the curtains with our fragrance and eliminate harmful bacteria to provide a refreshing environment.


Rid unwanted odours by replacing it with our
vibrant fragrances.

Shoe Cabinet

Get rid of odours and bacteria that are lurking in your shoe cabinets and replace them with a welcoming fragrance.

Eliminating Odour

Eliminate odours by spraying onto objects to kill the causing bacteria and replace it with an ecstatic and uplifting fragrances.

Hotel Room

Enhance the room with a luxurious fragrance to make your environment more enjoyable!


Feel more relaxed, less fatigue and reminisce with pleasing scents as you use the bathroom.


Enjoy aromatherapy while you drive as you surround yourself with natural aromas that deodorize unpleasant odours with refreshing scents.